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Gaining Momentum

Posted by leetabeens on March 1, 2014 at 9:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Breaking new ground, getting things rolling, moving forward, pushing until things move ahead...All these are meanings of the word momentum. I see the word moment...so a pause and then um which moves things forward. If we all lived life between the moment and the um we would see the meaning in life. Living in the spaces...acceptance of what is now. We are so quick to jump into situations impulsively without thinking about the consequences. Life isn't a race because whoever finishes first leaves the planet. When we become comfortable in our own skin we can live moment by moment without expectations. Time seems to slow down and our focus is then right now. This current moment becomes most important. We realize that we need to cherish this current moment. Our worries about tomorrow diminish. Our past anger is put to rest. This can fulfill our lives on a different plane. Gratitude is the reward. Blessings will come to us as a result.

Each situation has its own reality. We can choose to face it and accept things in life or the alternative is bury it or escape. Sometimes we need to push ourselves in the right direction just to start the wheel turning. If we are stuck in the snow sometimes a friendly push from your neighbour will help you to get moving in the right direction.

Being positive with the world one person at a tim


Posted by leetabeens on February 15, 2014 at 10:05 AM Comments comments (0)

On a recent trip to Cuba, I met a french man who shook my hand and told me his name was Lucky.  He had a warm smile and a good shake.  His wife had one of those faces that you just like immediately.  I could feel the gentleness within her.  This couple had been married for quite a few years and was still very much in love.  Lucky liked people and liked to talk with everyone.  He was interested in learning new things.  Someone asked him why his name was Lucky and he just said that all his life he had been so lucky with everything that crossed his path.

I'm not sure which came first with Lucky, the luck or the name but he obviously learned how to manifest luck in his life by adopting the Lucky name and putting out that lucky energy. 

In our lives we can learn much from this.  We can adopt a lucky attitude, name, or actions and manifest our own luck in life or we can just keep things the way they are.  Do you know someone with a black cloud over their head?  When everything seems to hit that person out of the blue?  Flat tire, sickness, traffic ticket, flood, power outage, struck by lightning, etc. I have to wonder if this person realizes that they are drawing this to their lives.  Most folks are unaware.   If you feel a victim you become one.  If you are negative inside yourself then you will manifest negative outside yourself.  There are reasons watermelons don't grow on cherry trees.  We need to embrace our life and travel towards our bliss.

Negative Core

Posted by leetabeens on December 27, 2013 at 6:10 AM Comments comments (0)

As a reader I try to connect to postive energy at all times.  This can be easy and also difficult.  This occurs not only during readings but in casual conversations with people I meet.  The energy of the person becomes visible quite quickly.  Lately there has been a few people who have crossed my path who have had a negative core.  There is a common thread with these folks and that is they have strong beliefs in negative reality.  They have high intelligence levels and are educated with degrees from university and letters at the end of their names.   These folks can be good hearted but everything turns out negative with them due to their unbalanced beliefs. They see the world as a place where nothing is going good or happy.  Living each day is a challenging existance.  The place they live is clouded by anger, sorrow and lonliness.  When I am around these folks I also feel these emotions.  The main problem with this type of thinking or way of life is that there is no belief in anything greater then themselves and they have lost hope.  There is no future joy or things to look forward to, everything is rock hard inside them. I have tried on occasion to chip away at the rock with positive communications, choosing my words carefully and expressing some worthwhile value to their dismal outlook.  I have come to realize that I cannot fix everything, or save everyone.  There are many folks who don't want to change their path and quite content living in the depths of their clouded understanding.  It is a harsh reality for them, their emotions are sealed deep inside them.  They won't let anyone inside pandora's box.  What they don't realize is they are locking up all the good emotions as well as the bad at the same time. They claim life has made them this way or they were never asked to be born.  This gives them a reason to continue. I have also found that these folks are critical of everything.  They like to examine the lives of others looking for weakness. I'm not sure why they feel so powerful by dissecting the lives of others.  This is hurtful and they are well aware of what buttons to push. Most of us just want to distance ourselves as quickly as possible. This is like wearing cement in your boots if they are in your family.  There is no solution to this problem.  Small doses is my best advice and ground yourself beforehand.  If you start to feel tired its because your energy is zapped.  Carry your crystals with you and take a walk if you feel overwhelmed.  We cannot fix others only ourselves and being aware is just the beginning of the journey.

Taxi Karma

Posted by leetabeens on December 23, 2013 at 5:35 AM Comments comments (0)

As we look at our lives we usually cannot see the impact we have on others.  Even our small decisions affect others around us without us giving it much care or thought.  If we are under stress we tend to look to our own feelings, our own reality, and our own fate.  The interesting thing is we are affecting those around us even if we don't know them. If we have done anything in our lives that requires karmic balance sooner or later that same energy will repeat itself in order to right the wrong.  We can feel and see the problem thru the eyes of others and how things affect them instead of just staying inside our own head.

For example, lets say you steal someones cab, and leave them standing in the rain on the street.  We justify our selfish behaviour by saying we were in a hurry or every man for himself to get a quick ride. We take off and never think about this again.  Years can pass and we are older and tired  We have just come from a funeral and its pouring rain.  We wait for the taxi to drive by so we can flag him down and get out of this wet downpour.  As the cab approaches someone else comes out and jumps into our cab just as we approach.  We are slower now and not as quick as before.  The cab drives away and leaves us standing there.  Through this we are able to see the flip side perspective or karmic energy is returned. As we flag down the next taxi we think back.  When we were young were that person we left standing in the rain and realize it was me.

This can happen with any situation in which we have hurt someone whether intentional or not is really not the issue. The lack of empathy is usually returned to us at a later date, so we feel the pinch.  If we are awake we can connect the dots and understand the lesson. 

Money as Energy

Posted by leetabeens on December 20, 2013 at 6:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Money is a resource with energy connected to it like any other matter. It is valuable in the sense that it can buy us things and its needed to survive in the world. Paper money has a flow (in and out of our hands) ha ha the vibrations are faster then coins, which is more solid matter. Plastic ATM card and Visa are faster then paper and have more options as well. They are the quickest way to get yourself into debt. Imagine trying to pay all your bills with pennies. The energy is much slower and cumbersome. Plastic cards are fast energy and can do the most harm if not put into the proper perspective. Checks are equal to bills in the paper form. Electronic wiring is also a fast energy, faster then the plastic cards. Coin money is a slow vibration that will stick to you, it seems that you will always have more pennies lying around then dollars….ha When your under financial stress you energy will be a bit flat attracting more pennies then dollars. This can limit your resources. Resources can be items and goods that you purchase, information, research, education, employment, community support, religions, cultures, social networks, and much more. So by lowering your energy vibrations you don’t just lack cash flow but a lot of other positive actions and energies that can affect your self esteem and livelihood. Your creativity may become dull and your ideas are limited.
Men have a difficult time with losing a job as they may take this personally. As the main provider for the family they may end up switching roles and taking on care giving roles. Whatever works for your family is important. Our lives take on a new path that we never knew we were capable of. Men can be very loving and effective for parenting, nursing and caring for the elderly. With the difficult economic times a lot of families are restructuring. Working together as a team is paramount for peaceful existence especially when there is stress with finances. Life becomes more important then who is making the money and the simple things become what keeps the family together. The family can be defined with grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings and friends all helping for the greater good for everyone. A lot of families are all living under one roof, supporting each other. Yes money is essential for living but also the love and connectedness to each member.
Take care of your resources and also each other.

Unborn Souls

Posted by leetabeens on October 11, 2013 at 6:45 AM Comments comments (0)

In my practice I have many women and men who come to me for sessions.  During those sessions things come to the surface that a person may need to work on or deal with.  There are many women who have had abortions and carry a great amount of grief and guilt with them.  As a reader I don't judge and allow them to vent out their pain.  I also deal with women who have lost children due to miscarriages.  As a reader I try to speak for the unborn child if I get a connection, acknowledging their presence and honouring their soul.  The child never really leaves the mothers heart.  I also try to encourage the mom to name the babies that pass.  Even without a funeral each soul deserves a name and acknowledgement of its existance however brief. 

I was asked recently to help out by picking up a friend at the local hospital.  So I was dropped off out front.  There was a small group of Pro Life protesters with signs out front picketing.  When the car pulled up to let me out, a woman came over from the group and helped me out of the car and gave me a big hug.  She asked me how I was doing and said she was so glad to see me. I smiled at her and said that I was here to pick up someone from the hospital.  I then said "Thanks for the work your doing here, its making a difference."  I went and picked up the person in the hospital and went on my way.  Afterwards I was thinking to myself about the way this woman went out of her way to help me and hug me.  I came to the conclusion that the work I had been doing recently with the unborn souls was being recognized by powers angelic in nature. When I thanked the lady for the work she was doing, I also felt that I had been thanked.  Sometimes we just have to be open to see it and experience it.

Angels in the Lab

Posted by leetabeens on October 11, 2013 at 6:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Recently I had to go for some tests and a check up.  This was a new building that I had never been to before.  I went in, took a number and took a seat.  The waiting room had a few others waiting as well.  My number came up and I proceeded into the testing area. There were cubicles on both sides of the room in which folks were getting their blood tests done.  There was an older woman standing there and she struck up a conversation with me.  She had these incredibly blue eyes and blondish hair.  Her accent sounded irish, her husband was with her but didnt speak.  I sat down and waited with her for a few minutes more.  She explained how it works at this new lab.  She pointed out an empty cubicle for me to go and sit.  So I went and continued talking to her.  Her husband was in the next cubicle to mine and she was telling me about his dementia and health issues.  I understood what she was going through and asked her how she was coping with everything.  She was a bubbly sort of woman with a great glow to her.  She was dressed smartly and I noticed her nice sandals. She was explaining to me that every where she went she had to wait, the doctors, the lab, the hospital and other places.  So I said " maybe this is what its going to be like to get into heaven"  She smiled at me and said " Don't worry about that, I will save you a place."   The nurse came and started the blood work.  It was only a minute or two and I was finished.  I looked for the lady to say good bye to her but she was gone.

The Moon Box

Posted by leetabeens on July 28, 2013 at 8:50 PM Comments comments (0)

The way to manifest positive things in our lives just takes a bit of planning.  When the moon is full it is the end of the cycle and positive energy is produced.  It is greater then anytime of the month for rounding up and completing projects. I started putting my crystals out in the moonlight to charge them and began to wonder what would happen if I put a wish out on the full moon.  The power of the moon was working already in my life so I decided to take it a step further and try to manifest my wishes.  Find yourself a moon box, it can be any box that you have already or you can buy a new one.  Make it your own by decorating it with paint, stickers, glitter, stones or whatever you like.  Choose things that are meaningful to you or colours that are your favorite.  Google the full moon so you know the dates and mark them on your calender.  When the full moon comes around place your wish into the box and close it up.  Place it on a shelf or window sill and leave it there for the 28 days.  This is a moon cycle.  Then open it up and see if you have manifested your wish.  Sometimes it may take you awhile to get things aligned if your vibration isn't connecting with your wish.  I have also seen it manifest before the moon phase is completed.  Don't take it out until the next full moon.  Bigger things may take longer so you may end up with 2 or 3 wishes in the box.  Thats ok.  You may decide that one of the wishes isnt going to serve your greatest good and remove it entirely.  The best wishes start with positive intent so check your attitude and motive.  Never place anything negative into your box.  It could backfire and hit you as karmic energy.  Let's keep our dreams alive and manifest them one by one. xx

First Impression is the Answer

Posted by leetabeens on July 15, 2013 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Our first impression or basic feeling when we meet someone new is the right one.  We have no history with this person. So whatever vibe we get is intuitive.  Logic would take us back to a memory in the past if we knew them before.  Just having a handshake can tell us much.  That connection can give us awareness to the person and their intent immediately.  The major problem most of us have isn't feeling the vibe from them, but going with the gut feeling.  If it's negative the brain gets going and says, gee I don't know this person maybe I'm wrong.  I should give this person the benefit of the doubt.  So far every time I do this I get burned somehow later on down the line.  So the key is to stick with your gut and if you have a negative vibe then just walk away from the trouble before it begins the drama in your life.  Now its not easy to practice but we are in this together and learning as we go.  So bless us all

Crystal Energy

Posted by leetabeens on May 25, 2013 at 8:00 AM Comments comments (0)

I have recently been asked to explain the energy within crystals during a reading.  The man was very logical and I could tell he was a bit on the skeptical side.  I started out saying that everything has energy in the universe.  All beings and all animals and plants.  We are all part of the divine light.  Our energy moves alot faster then a stone or crystalJust because you cannot see it moving it doesnt mean its not working.  The client looked at me very puzzled.  Like how can I benefit from a crystal?? I went on to say that each stone is mined from different areas in the world.  Chipped from caves and mountains and rocks, some above ground and some below.  Each having a different energy level as places in the world are very different.  Some are warm climate and some cold, elevation, and area. Each crystal having healing properties.  Now this is all well in theroy but how do you explain energy in stones to folks who really dont feel it. The only way was to find a connection that was logicalCrystals were used to operate radios without batteries back in the day.This was discovered in 1874 and became the first type of radio receivers by 1904.  So with this in mind we can say yes crystals produce energy.The client was surprised at my explanation and could connect to what I was saying on a logical level.  So enjoy your crystals, place in sunlight and moonlight to charge them up.  Blessings xx